Hook up two light switches one power source

How do you wire two ceiling lights on one switch i have installed the switch, and the two lights, but only one light is working it is the light that the power source enters.

It isn't unusual to wire two or more light and switch combinations from the same power source -- in fact, it's common practice typically, the source is a circuit breaker in the main electrical.

Connect 1 to each switch, connect the black wire to the light to the other side wire the 3 grounds together, you dont need a wirenut, simply wire all 3 together about 4-6 down & clip 2 off so 1 is sticking out, connect your ground to the ground screw.

I am trying to hook up a double light switch to two separate lights but i cannot seem to get them to turn on the power is coming up to an outlet and i am trying to tie the double light switch into th.

For north american 60 hertz wiring systems this answer is for two, three or multiple switches from a common hot supply if the switches are in the same switch box you have to pigtail the hot. The power supply connects to the switch: connect the black wire from the power supply to the switch and the white wire from the power supply to the white wire of the cable connected to the first light. In this arrangement with 2 switches in one box, the bottom terminals are connected to pigtails spliced to the source the top switch terminals connect to the black wires running to the light fixtures.

Dealing with electrical wires in any diy project can be confusing and dangerous, but learning how to wire two light switches from just one power source is not any harder than using two sources remember that your safety is important, and that comes first and foremost when dealing with any type of wiring.

Hook up two light switches one power source
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