Dating a younger woman yahoo

Of course, older men would love to date with younger women regardless of what country they are in as long as the laws allow it i think men are more visual and women are more thought driven i also think that not only turkish men but in general, men, who are dating with much younger women would probably think that their women are staying. I am dating a women younger than i am i thought we were both getting serious and now she wants to take a step back we used to spend alot of time together, and now it is a couple times a week is this just her age showing or what. A lot of more mature women have found ways of carrying their years off their shoulders in many subtle ways many exude class, grace and sophistication that allow them to attract younger men. Best answer: i think the fact that you are asking the question let's you know that you are not a creeper and have a good conscience first of all she is not a younger woman she is barely a teenager, so let's get that straight you are close to being 18 i'd guess, a mix for disaster.

Older men are more appealing to younger women because they are more experienced, more sophisticated, more mature and generally have more money than younger men they are also more willing to take the time to please their partner sexually.

Our terms of use agreement was revised 10/09/2017 © copyright 2018 match group, llc wwa3-008f-s-see more like her . Women want to be satisfied in bed just as much as us younger guys want an expierienced woman to show us how its done so im a cougar hound because i love to have someone whos willing to be old fasioned and well mannered.

Older women dating younger men younger men want to be with older women as they make them feel comfortable young women have less experience and are less stable than older women who typically are more mature.

I don't see your problem except you don't know how to tell the difference between a 30 and a 40 year old man older guys like younger women they trade their old wives in every day for younger women most of them just want you to be a trophy wife or hope they can be your sugar daddy.

Well i am also a older woman dating a younger guy i am 38 and he is turning 30 this month we have been dating for 3 years (living together for the past year)and have an awesome relationship. If your a older guy w/ a younger chick on ur arm the people that complain are just jealous they can't get themselves a younger chick i really think all older men at some point in time would like to be w/ a younger woman.

Best answer: cougers are women who date men who have a big age different like 10 years because it's like they never age they are beautiful and classic and i guess i would call a guy a tiger lol idk if there actually is anything specific you call them.

Dating a younger woman yahoo
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